Custom Bonded Transport

SIALKOT DRY PORT TRUST has developed its own fleet of customs bonded vehicles, which is the first largest Bonded Carrier in private sector comprising more then 100 vehicles providing quality services in terms of lesser transit time, safety and reliability. Sialkot Dry Port Trust is keeping pace with technological advancement in Information Technology and is providing Online Tracking Facility to its valued customers who can access information of cargo in transit through Internet.

Cargo Warehouse

SIALKOT DRY PORT TRUST is providing high level professional warehousing services and care. Through our integrated inventory management system, We offer special warehousing facilities for air cargo, Less than a container cargo for sea ports and containerized, refrigerated and hazardous materials.

Custom Clearance

SIALKOT DRY PORT TRUST is operating 24/7 throughout the year for custom clearance and cargo dealing. As customs clearance is an action to confirm whether the export declaration and the actual goods are consistent and if incidental provision has been fulfill related to import to localize the goods that are once foreign goods. We are prodiving the facility to our customers (Agents, Exporters and Importers) for the custom clearance of their goods efficently.

24/7 Cargo Monitoring & Tracking

We have a comprehensive 24/7 cargo monitoring and tracking unit.  A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations.

Crane Service

SIALKOT DRY PORT TRUST has a state of the art crane system. Large containers bulk equipment and material handling is made eassy by the use of this.

Reach Stacker Crane

SIALKOT DRY PORT TRUST has its own state of the art heavy equipment and container handling reach stacker. Excellent machine for safe, managable and efficent handling and stacking of containerized load.


Local Haulage

SIALKOT DRY PORT TRUST has its own tractor & trolleys fleet for local haulage on lower rates. It is an advanage to the exporters and importers of the region that they can use cheap rate tractor and trolly services for dispatch of cargo containers to Dry Port premsis. The imporeters of the region can also use this service to take treir shipments from port to its factory.