Import Tariff

Reduction in Sialkot Dry Port Charges


Due to increase in business volume, the management of Sialkot Dry Port Trust decided to pass on the extra revenue generated to the exporters and importers of the region. It anticipates to get further increase in the business on account of the concessions given in the charges.  These concessions are valid with effect from 1st March 2014. The detail of reduced/slashed rates is as under:

Import Air:

    1. SDPT has reduced the Freight charges for air consignment as under:
  Old Rate

New Rate

Freight Charges: Market Rate      Market rate
Minimum Charges: Rs. 1500 Rs. 1000 will be charged
    1. The following import charges for air consignment has been slashed:
Old Rate
New Rate
  250 kg 500 kg 1500kg

Rs. 1500 Per Consignemnt

Custom handling Rs. 1000 1000 1000
Seal charges Rs. 100 100 100
Courier charges Rs. 80 80 80
Documentation charges Rs. 100 100 100
Other charges Rs. 200 200 200
T.P Charges Rs. 580 1160 1840
Weighment charges Rs. 250 750 1000
Labour charges Rs. 100 200 400
Total (per Consignment) Rs. 2410 3590 4520
Import FCL:
    1. SDPT will charge freight on market rate (bonded).
  • The following import charges for FCL consignment have been slashed:
Old Rate
New Rate
Import Surcharge
Rs. 3000

Rs. 5500 Per Consignemnt

Documentation charges
Rs. 100
T.P Charges
Rs. 2320
Custom Handling
Rs. 1000
Weighment charges     
Rs. 1000
Wire Seal charges
Rs. 200
Other charges
Rs. 1000
Amendment charges
Rs. 200
Rs. 8820 Per Consig
    1. The Container Security deposit charges have been reduced as under:
Old Rate
New Rate
Security deposit charges          40’ Rs. 6000

Rs. 4000

Security deposit charges          20’ Rs. 4500
    Rs. 3000